Sunday, April 6, 2014

I Miss Your Arms


i wish that
we could have
been braver
and stayed with each other
last night
because i miss your arms
and feel as though
we gave up
our last chance
to feel close.

Saturday, April 5, 2014



the planes waited for their
departures as our relationship
that day mostly consisted
of holding our tears in
and trying to avoid discussing
what might happen if
we weren't able to handle it
when the distance once again existed.

We Refuse


we're in love,
we refuse to let anyone
bring us down.

What It Took


a decision to help someone
a chance reunion
a little bit of fun
some things in common
many days counted down
a new love found
our lives became bound
we're together now.

Laughing at Someone Before They Pass Away


sometimes we are foolish
no, we're so completely
fucking stupid
and we do things
because we don't
think about the possibilities,
the potential consequences
and we shouldn't have laughed
that night
but how were we to know
that the victim of our jokes
would become a victim of himself
oh, how were we to know?

Love Songs


you know
that you're happy
and in love
when you can
appreciate love songs
they do not
make you sad
or leave you
for a love
you could not have
but instead
every lyric
reminds you
of the one
who loves you too.



our life will be nothing short
of a voyage,
a journey across
and distance
and there will be obstacles
and setbacks
but we will fight
our way through
hand in hand
so we can enjoy the scenery
and the adventures
that our love
will bring.