Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I Hate Drugs


i hate drugs
not because i've done them,
i never have
and i never will
but i hate drugs
because you've done them
and that's okay,
i'm not mad at you,
i'm not saying
you shouldn't have,
but i hate drugs
because i'll always worry
that you might end up
doing them again
and getting sick or hurt
and i hate drugs
because i trust you
but i'll always
be afraid.

She Thinks I'm a Genius


she doesn't know me very well
but she thinks i'm a genius
so i'll probably let her
keep thinking
that's who i am

it makes me look
much better
and hell,
she tells other people
tha't i'm incredibly smart
so they can believe it too

it's as if she
read more than one
of my poems
or graded more than two
of my tests

which i only
studied for
for an hour prior to class

it's as if
we've spoken more
than a thousand words
or known each other
for more than
a few days
each of the last four months

it's as if she knows me
better than i do myself
and that's probably
the truth

she knows
what i can become
if i do
the best i can do.

Shirley Temples


i'll always love
subarus and mike and ikes
and sing every word of "all of me"
and think that shirley temples
taste like your lips
and i'll forever hope
the avalanche
lose only to the rangers
and i'll play chess with you
and not care who wins.

Past to Rest


i'll put the past to rest
with an ode to sleep
if it will help you forget
and help you remember
who you are.

it will not be easy
because there are
no such things
as magic words,
only words that influence
and words that are truly heard.

but i hope you hear
these words
when i tell you
i'm not angry anymore,
i never was onev to hold a grudge
and i'm really trying more
to push everything negative

i'm not sorry
for pushing you away,
though i'm sorry
you got hurt
while i tried
to heal myself.

i want you to know, though
that i loved you
and what we had
was every bit real to me.

i was too young
to want a casual affair
but i was also too young
to know what i wanted
and that would be
to be happy
but i wasn't my happiest
with you.

so i hope that you
can put the past to rest
and finally be happy too.



every time it rains
i think of you
and the things
we're going to do
when the thunder
sends shivers down
our spines
and the heat of
our bodies
keeps us sweating
and the storm is loud
but our breaths are louder
as we get drenched
in each other's love.

Warm Days


even the sun shining
on this warm spring day
reminds me of you,
because it's days like this
i want to spend
just sitting in your arms
or exploring the world
and loving life with you.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

I Miss Your Arms


i wish that
we could have
been braver
and stayed with each other
last night
because i miss your arms
and feel as though
we gave up
our last chance
to feel close.