Saturday, April 25, 2015

To-Do List


apply for jobs-
finish applying for college,
finish your homework,
finish updating your blog-
and your other blog-
and your other blog-
apply for jobs-
write more poetry,
clean your room,
start a journal-
finish your old journal-
learn to cook,
learn to write better,
learn to make friends,
learn to control your anxiety-
apply for jobs-
apply for jobs-
apply for jobs-
stop doing nothing,
stop hoping it will all go away.

The Generation of Stolen Prompts


when looking back on this generation's poetry
the people of the future
are going to laugh

at the number of poems that
start with the same line
and the number of poems that
follow the same format
and just the number of poems that
are written from the same prompt

they're going to laugh
and think we had no originality
when everything's the same
and none of us are special.

This Is Not a Poem


this is not a poem, but
i'm going to pretend it is
the way i always do
when i add these titles
to my list of written works
like i'm someone who
anybody cares about.

i'm always pretending
that i'm good at this
when really,
i don't know what a poem is-
i simply write my thoughts
in descending lines
and pretend i'm something special

when i'm not,
because this is not a poem.

Twenty One PIlots


my favorite band is unlit,
they're sick as frick
and their fanbase is more than that,
they're a clique

they use words the band makes up
and they tell each other to stay street
plus their fan art is so good,
it's impossible to beat

the best part is,
they help each other stay alive
with lyrics, wristbands, and concerts
there's always a reason to try

the band looks like two
but there are more, you see
we're all a part of something bigger
they're twenty one pilots and so are we.

Sometimes I Wonder About You


sometimes i wonder
how you're doing
but then i remember
the way you never seemed to listen
when i talked to you,
the way you never seemed happy
you never seemed interested
you never made me feel like i mattered.

sometimes i wonder
if you really miss me
the way you always say you do,
because every time i try to come back
you seem to push me
further away.

What's a Button if It Doesn't Work


the button on my ipod broke
and that figures,
everything always seems to go wrong
at the same time.

I Gave This Poem a Title Before I Wrote It


i think i'm pretty clever sometimes.
that's one of my good qualities,
and my boyfriend thinks it's funny
how i call myself clever
so there's that, too.

one day, people are going to read
all my poems and wonder
why they have such long titles sometimes
or why i think i'm so clever
or why i wrote so many poems
about writing poems.

the truth is,
writing poems is all i know.