Saturday, May 16, 2015

One Way to Feel Better


on days when you feel bad,
try to look good.
wear what makes you happy.
you'll feel better about yourself,
at least on the outside,
and it will give you a reason
to get out of bed in the morning.

Actual Messages I Sent You


i don't know how to be that girl anymore
i don't know how to be confident and strong
i don't know how to make you love me more each day
i don't know how to make you feel so lucky
to be in love with me
i don't know how to be the girl you loved to
skype with all night long

so maybe you're right...
but i don't know how to be anything
without you.

If I Was Interesting


if i
was interesting enough
i wonder if
he would
love me
fault after fault,
over and over.

His Eyes Were Watching Me


a boy
i'd never seen
mahogany hair,
my age,

i looked away,
wearing old jeans,
this pageboy haircut,
a normally proportioned person

and yet-
his eyes were
still watching me.

I'll Never Want to Leave


i wish i wanted to leave you,
at least that would make more sense
but love is insane
and it goes against reason
and it makes everything hard.

Shakespeare Would Be Proud


let's just say
i'm making two lists,
and anyone who cares about me
better hope that one
outweighs the other.

This Poem Will Kill Me Someday


i just want you to treat me kindly,
to treat me like you love me.

i don't know why
that's so hard for you
if you love me enough
to stay with me

and i wish i could help you

but i don't know how to be
someone who deserves love.