Friday, August 1, 2014

Cute Butts On a Picnic Blanket


let's go for a walk
and sit on a blanket
at a park
eating food that
i poorly made for you
while you watched
and told me how cute
my butt was
and i told you
that yours was cuter

because everything about you
is cuter

and you would disagree
but i'd tell you to shh
and we'd go for that walk
and talk about
the important things in life
like which pokémon are cool
and what our cats will look like
and how in love we are
and how no one understands
but that's okay

because we have cute butts
and we are happy.

I Forget That You Really Mean It


some days
i forget who i am
and who you are
because you are a part of me
and i believe that i’m worthless
because i can’t remember
all the things that are good

but i know that we’re special
because you are so perfect
and you tell me i’m perfect for you

sometimes i just forget
that to you
i am everything
and i’ll always be
the way you’ll always
mean the world to me.



you don't know what it's like
to feel so alone
and i hate saying that
because i'm not looking for attention
but i'm looking to get you to think

i have someone who loves me,
and that's all anyone needs,
one person who doesn't just
say they'll always be there
and then disappear

but i'm alone sometimes
not because i'm unloved
but because the ones who
should love me
do not

they don't talk to me,
except the occasional
congrats or happy birthday,
and they don't really know me,
it's like i've been pushed away.

Still I Remain Silent


sometimes there are things
we shouldn't say
because they might make people upset
or make them worry
or simply bother them
but i don't think anyone realizes
how stupid that is
when we are upset
and need them to know
that we are not okay
so that things can change.

We Are


if someone were to ask me who i am
i'd tell them i'm in love with you
because that's all i can think of,
you're all i can think of
and you're the best part of me anyway.

I Won't Even Write About You Anymore


this is no longer a way to
communicate with you,
i don't think there is any way
for i don't want to talk to you,
no, i never do.
you wouldn't ever listen,
you told me you wouldn't
read my poetry
and because i know you won't
see this
is the only reason i'm writing.

Sext: My Reflection



i can't remember the last time
my reflection looked the same.