Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I'll Get There


my heart's in the right place
but my mind's not yet there,
it just takes a little more convincing
that when you say nothing's going to happen
then really, nothing is going to happen
and when you say we'll be okay
then we'll be okay
and believe me,
i know we will be
and i'm so ready to stop freaking out
and my heart feels only love for you
and my mind does too, on good days
but i'm just not sure how to get rid of those bad days yet
but i promise, in time, i'll get there.

Breaking My Heart


my boyfriend sometimes breaks my heart
without even leaving
without even trying to hurt me
but that's just how he is sometimes,
he doesn't know the damage his words
can inflict,
he doesn't know that sometimes
even his silence can hurt more
but oh, it does
the silence is always the worst
bu he doesn't mean to hurt me
he doesn't even know
and i know if he did he'd be sorry,
and he'd do what he could
to make everything okay
because he loves me
and breaking my heart
is the last thing he'd ever want to do.

i know you don't mean it,
i forgive you,
i love you.

Bathroom Mirror


i want to get to see you naked
more times
than your bathroom mirror has.



nation full of them
unable to care

man suffering.



when i was little i played hide-and-seek
with everyone i believed loved me
and nobody ever came to find me

i don't know if they forgot
or if they were happy to move on without me

but i'm still hiding behind the shed
of my old house
just hoping that someday
someone will spot me and say,
"come on! we've been looking
everywhere for you!"

and they will have loved me
and i wouldn't have been wrong.



is not hiding the hickey you gave me
because i'm not ashamed
of anything i do
with you.



if we could find the words to say
exactly how we're feeling
when we try to

then our favorite songs
and our favorite books
wouldn't be as impressive.