Friday, May 16, 2014

Swallow You


i’ll never want anyone
like i want you,
all of you,
to hold every inch
of your body
and call every smile of yours
my own

i want to force my tongue
into your mouth
and swallow you,
to take you in
and drench you
with everything
i have

i want to make you shiver
and always
keep you warm,
to sleep with my head
where your heart is
but stay up
all night

i want to show you
every little bit,
all of me,
and explore
the rest of
with you.



nobody is ever proud of me.
i'm told what to do,
and i do it.
i'm told who to be,
and i tend to be it.
i do what i can
and i change who i am
and i'm good
and i'm kind
and i'm creative
and i'm smart
and i achieve things,
things that i can't wait
to show everyone
because i'm proud,
i'm proud until
they're not
and then i know
i'm many things
but i'm

Stop Crying


i don't care
that i made you cry
there are so many times
that you've made me
hold in my tears
and clench my fists
and say things
under my breath
and walk away
and the one time
that you make me slip
your stupid tears fall
and you use it
against me,
no, i don't care
that you made me
make you cry.



how could you say
that i'm so heartless,
that i think
i'm the only one
who can be hurt?
do you not know me?

do you have to
make assumptions
and over-generalizations
and judge me
every single time
we fight?

you don't know
a single thing
about who i am
and i know
you never will

because who you are
and who i am
are too different,
too far apart

and you're just
like my mother
in the way you
can't lose
and you always
aim to hurt.



i used to think
i would never call
any other place
but i know
i was wrong
because i'm sure that
home now
will be anywhere
that i can
be together with you.

In the End, All the Poems Are About You


come, kiss me
and hold me and
run your fingers through my hair,
lie with me for
years and finally
never have to leave.

April Showers


it's raining
and for the first time
in a long time
i'm thinking about
sitting outside
and letting it fall,
letting it drown my thoughts
and my tears
and not moving
until i feel your arms
around me
and can bury my face
in your chest again.